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About Us

Excellent service and healthy food, in a relaxing atmosphere, have made us famous and garnered a loyal following of patrons.

The Alchemist Café’s story began in 2014 in a secluded area in Wilton Manors, a city within Fort Lauderdale. It all started in a fractioned area of an old house of what is today the front of the house.

The entire family got involved and the production of the slicers and the mega-famous Alchemist Iced Coffee began in the tiny space. The uniqueness of the slicers, (open-faced sandwiches), and the variety of the coffees started to call the attention of locals. So much so that the family ran into a dilemma in a matter of months, more space was needed to keep up with the growing demand. The expansion was well underway while the demand just kept growing. The singularity of The Alchemist lies in the fact that we roast our own coffee in-house, in our garden, a photo op for everybody that witnesses the process while enjoying their food and drinks. It just does not get any fresher than that.

Soon the fame of the café spread beyond its own zip code and people were coming from as far as Gainsville, Florida, more than 300 miles drive, just to taste our delicacies. A common denominator…social media. Word of mouth became our most powerful marketing campaign. Today, locals mingle and share peacefully with visitors from all over the country, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, South America, Finland, Australia, and Japan. 

We are humbled and passionate to serve those who arrive daily past our doors and are eager to know what the buzz is all about. We know we will not have a second chance for a first impression. Try us on this.

The Alchemist Garden Cafe: Very Berry

“The Alchemist is sexier”

“The language barrier doesn’t get in the way of a smile. And The Alchemist Staff has plenty of smiles.”

Jana Jaffe, PhD

I had a wonderful experience at this cafe. The Alchemist is a part of a small street of little shops and restaurants. The street feels so magical, filled with gardens...

Caitlyn C.

Great ambience, great service, and great food. What more could you ask for?

Rafael Gómez

Anytime that I'm in Fort Lauderdale, I have to go here. The donuts are fantastic and the Chef's Breakfast (a hash brown waffle topped with eggs and avocado) is one of the most amazing...

Devan D

The Alchemist is an Instagram worthy, adorable café! Outstanding coffee and the best staff!

Aurora Jay

The Alchemist is not just a place to go for wonderful coffee and fantastic's a Destination!

Les Friedman
The Alchemist Garden Cafe